Android 4.1 does not include support for Flash Player

Jelly Bean has appeared, but as they begin updates on users’ devices, disclosed its main features.

All this sounds rather odd, considering that several teams and models are still waiting for the popular Ice Cream Sandwich. It would not be unusual then upgrade to Android 4.1 is skipped this step for thousands of users, taking into account the speed with which technology is updated.

Some consumers are not entirely happy, since it has been confirmed that the newest version of Android will not support Adobe Flash Player , that is, the plugin that lets you view videos and multimedia content through your favorite browser.

The announcement itself is not so surprising. After all other technology giant, Steve Jobs, had declared some years ago that would stop offering support on their devices (iPhone, iPad), while affirming that the future of web language was in HTML5.

This new version will offer online language codes, private and public media that will display even in 3D.

However, HTML5 is not yet a common term for all Internet users, and in fact continues to develop.

The impending divorce from Adobe and Google is inevitable, but despite that Android 4.1 will not have it, Flash Player is still a platform used by millions of users worldwide.

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