How to reset the CMOS BIOS of a Toshiba Satellite

In this article I explain in brief how to reset the BIOS of a Toshiba Satellite A300 model PSAJ4E. Explained the technique should also be applicable to other models of Toshiba.

Is displayed:







Too bad no one ever has set a password …

Well, I think, simply unplug the usual battery, right?

But no!

In fact disassembling the classic battery is not there. We must therefore find a way to reset the CMOS to restore

the bios under the original conditions. Unfortunately, there is not even a simple jumper.

And even trying with the ‘master password’ listed on a website, nothing to do.

The solution is very simple and that is to create a bridge between two points, using a piece of wire.

Here’s how:

– Proctorial a short piece of wire;

– Dismantle the door of the compartment that holds the RAM;

– We dismantle both RAM modules;









– Now, look at the next picture and with a piece of wire before ponticelli the two contacts listed in STEP 1 for at least 30 seconds.









– Then we need to make contact with the POINT 2 (ground) and one of the two contacts in STEP 1 for at least 30 seconds;

– Finally, we contact between the contact and the remaining STEP 2 to STEP 1 for at least 30 seconds.

Close everything and at the next reboot magically be able to enter the BIOS pages to set all the options .. and the PC will be bootable!

8 Comments on “How to reset the CMOS BIOS of a Toshiba Satellite”

  1. Wow, finally, this works! Thank you!
    I have tried a good couple of other ways – none of them worked. If anyone wonders, you should do the above WITHOUT powering up your laptop.

  2. Hi my PSAJ4E still asking for password even after this procedure……
    Because i’m not shure of electrical contact with the little wire I even soldered the pads, after 30 seconds I desolder the pads and soldered one at time with the ground for 30 seconds each but nothing to do…..ENTER THE F@@@@@G PASSORD”…….
    What can I do?

  3. Hi, thank you so much mate. It worked for me. For some people who haven’t clarified: Short the 2 little spots which are 1 next to another (wait 30 sec), THEN short ONE of those 2 little guys with the little metal foot of the ram base (wait 30 sec), THEN short the OTHER of the 2 little guys with the little metal foot of the ram base (wait 30 sec). After it will remove the password. My advice is to solder the wire to keep it stable as i did.

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